Willow Ward, Fulbourn Hospital

We were invited by The Friends of Fulbourn Hospital and Community to work with patients and staff on Willow Ward to redesign a courtyard garden on the ward. Staff had already cleared a tangle of brambles that had prevented patients from accessing the courtyard.

Willow Ward is a purpose built 18-bedded inpatient ward for men and women over the age of 65 who have an acute mental health illness such as depression, acute anxiety, psychosis or bi-polar disorder that requires hospital treatment.

Patients and staff see the area as a peaceful space to look out on or sit in and have come up with a huge number of ideas. There are some very knowledgeable gardeners on the ward! And there's a call for a ward pet - something a little out of the ordinary, see if you can spot what ........

Patients are going to be working on a four-panel ceramic plaque as centrepiece on the back wall too. Love the creativity in this ward!


Here are some of the flipchart ideas recorded in the session.


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Plants being laid out ready for planting.


And a quick render of how it will look when mature. The central feature is a bird bath set in a cube of clipped box.

Willow Ward.png